Wallet size ebook

Phoenix Software introduces the Elonex ebook

Phoenix Software has announced the availability of the Elonex ebook, a wallet friendly size eBook reader with superior features and fine display. The Elonex eBook is available from selected CNA and Edgars stores countrywide.

The Elonex eBook 511EB has a 5 inch screen and space for up to 1000 eBooks, expandable to 8000. It weighs in at a mere 19 grams and has a long battery life of reading 8000 pages between charges. The innovative elinkĀ® technology ensures that reading on-screen is gentle on the eye, with screen resolution at 800 x 600 (166dpi).

For consumers looking to carry around thousands of books, pictures and files with them as well as saving paper from traditional books the eBook is an excellent new technology tool.

The Elonex eBook 511EB will sell for R2499.

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Wallet size ebook