Casper de Vries on GPS

A local company called GPS Creative came up with a fresh idea to record celebrity and novelty voices that can be installed onto certain Garmin devices. This means that instead of receiving generic navigations from the standard robotic voice, some of the country’s most loved celebs will now make your trip lots of fun with their unique personalities and sayings.

GPS Creative started selling these voices online since March 2009 and started off with one voice namely Dowwe Dolla (Margit Rodenbeck Meyer) and has since recorded some of the best know South African celebs.

Minki van der Westhuizen, Nataniel, Casper de Vries, Kurt Darren, Os du Randt, Riaan Cruywagen, Pieter Koen, Brumilda van Rensburg, Michael Naicker (Kevin Perkins) and Shaleen Surtie Richards are a few names with a couple that will be recorded before the end of the year. Each of the available products has proper descriptions with some voice samples that a client can listen to before purchasing a product.

The downloads cost anything between R49,95 to R149,95 depending on the product you choose.

The demand to incorporate more English, Xhosa, Zulu and Sotho voices also has arisen since we started with the company and in 2010 the choices for the customer will increase even more.

The company is all about fun and being creative and has recently teamed up with the very popular to develop a product for its members. The voice was done by K-Lo of Watkykjy and includes popular Afrikaans phrases deemed to be ‘zef’ which is slang for bad taste, tacky and kitsch. It is also the first “R-rated” voice in South Africa with some popular Afrikaans swear words, so be advised not to drive around with kids in the car when choosing to listen to this voice.

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Casper de Vries on GPS