Nashua Mobile’s WorldSIM drives down roaming costs for international travellers

Selected Nashua Mobile outlets are now stocking WorldSIM, an international prepaid mobile phone solution that is perfect for customers planning to travel with their cellphones this festive season.

With WorldSIM you can make cost effective mobile phone calls in more than 150 countries around the world as well as receive calls for free in more than 60 countries.

You can buy the WorldSIM at a once-off cost of R450 from participating Nashua Mobile outlets (Sandton City, Canal Walk in Cape Town, and Brooklyn Design Quarter) and then simply top up airtime at your convenience by buying a voucher or by purchasing airtime online at with your credit card.

You can save up to 95% on call charges when travelling abroad with calling rates for landline or mobile starting at as low as USD 0.50 cents (about R3.40) per minute. SMS tariffs are just as competitive.

All you pay for is the once-off cost of the SIM card (which includes $10 of starter credit), the calls and text messages you make and a monthly recurring charge of USD 1.00 to keep your SIM card active. The SIM card will not expire as long as the monthly charge is paid from the remaining airtime balance.

WorldSIM works in all major tourist and business destinations and is not dependent on any one mobile network – it simply finds the best network signal wherever you are so you can count on great line quality. You are issued a United Kingdom number (+44) with your SIM card so that your friends and family can reach you from anywhere in the world.

“If you’re heading to Australia to visit family or planning a dream European ski holiday this festive season, you are probably already dreading the international cellular roaming bill that will be waiting when you get back,” says Chris Scoble, Managing Director at Nashua Mobile.

Says Scoble “We value our customers and aim to offer them the best products in the market. With this service, our customers can control and reduce call costs while abroad so that they can have the peace of mind of knowing that no bill  awaits them upon their return.”

WorldSIM offers completely transparent pricing with no peak rates and no hidden costs. It has split the world into six zones for simple straightforward, flat-rate pricing.

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Nashua Mobile’s WorldSIM drives down roaming costs for international travellers