Spescom partners with Teleopti

Spescom DataVoice, local developers of products and services tailored to support business processes within the transaction management environment, is pleased to announce that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Teleopti, an international supplier of the proprietary Workforce Management solution, Teleopti CCC.

Founded in 1992, Teleopti has over 500 customers in over 52 countries supported by over 50 partners.

The relationship will enable Spescom DataVoice to become a reseller and System Integrator, offering services and support to the local South African market, of Teleopti’s Workforce Management solution. The solution is integrated with Spescom’s own Qnique performance suite to provide full Workforce Optimisation capability for Contact Centres.

“Spescom DataVoice is in the business of providing Workforce Optimisation specifically aimed at Contact Centres. Our Qnique product offers performance optimisation and related systems aimed at minimising human capital risk, but we do not have our own Workforce Management solution,” says Kgabo Badimo, MD of Spescom DataVoice. “By partnering with Teleopti we will be able to integrate their highly sophisticated and specialised Workforce Management suite to offer our customers full Workforce Optimisation capabilities.”

With Teleopti CCC, accurate forecasting, optimal planning and follow up greatly improves the overall performance and profitability of client’s contact centres. Teleopti CCC’s unique combination of powerful optimisation and a user-friendly interface ensures quick acceptance and maximum impact in the cost efficiency of the organisation. Teleopti’s commitment to improvements and cost savings is reflected in their Operational Assessment methodology during the sales process, leading to a typically quick Return on Investment for customers.

“Keeping agents as happy as possible and minimising their stress levels is paramount to keeping them within an organisation, and mitigating human capital risk,” adds Badimo. “Workforce Optimisation streamlines processes, ensuring that agents know exactly what their activities are for that particular shift, and reducing stress by making certain that enough agents are available to handle the volume of calls at all times. It also enables managers to allocate shifts according to agent skills. All of these combine to make agents’ jobs more pleasant for them, and assist contact centres in mitigating risks associated with attrition and poor performance.

Furthermore, agents are able to choose their preference for shifts.”

“Teleopti has numerous customer success stories to show how the product has helped customers improve their business through our products and services..

With proven ROI and the ability to optimise scheduling and forecasting, in conjunction with quality management, the tools offered by Spescom and Teleopti will enable contact centres to ensure that their levels of service are always high and their costs are minimised,” says Nils Bildt, CEO and Founder of Teleopti.

“Spescom DataVoice and Teleopti as organisations have many synergies that will assist in strengthening the partnership, not least of which is that both work alongside one another in the same industry and talk to the same customer. There is an excellent understanding of the principles of Workforce Optimisation on both sides, leading to the necessary potential for successful integration and a long term relationship,” Badimo concludes.

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Spescom partners with Teleopti