LTE empowers businesses

•         Verizon Wireless and Ericsson showcase LTE system at CES
•         Demonstrating innovative healthcare, field service and security solutions
•         LTE will change business for a broad spectrum of industries

Ericsson,  working together  with Verizon Wireless, will demonstrate the future of wireless during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas by showcasing the capability of Long Term Evolution (LTE) from January 7-10, 2010.

Ericsson will demonstrate a full suite of enterprise scenarios which will show, through real-world examples, how future LTE networks will benefit enterprise customers.

“Ericsson not only understands the technology to deliver LTE, but we also understand how consumers and businesses can utilize the technology,” said Angel Ruiz, President and CEO of Ericsson North America. “Our goal is to demonstrate true innovative solutions for the end-user, not just applications.”

The demonstrations will include:

•    Healthcare – a home-located patient with a medical emergency, a travelling nurse, a doctor at a clinic and a dispatch health-care coordinator using the capabilities of LTE as the wireless infrastructure to perform video and file collaboration in real time and live assistance from a doctor to help the home patient.

•    Field Service Technician – remote installation/support for resolving a parts failure by collaboration among a field technician using LTE connectivity, an expert at the headquarters and a dispatch coordinator, all using video and file collaboration to ensure rapid repairs are made on site.

•    Security – in-building security surveillance systems are interlinked via LTE to on-site and off-site security personnel using multiple devices with real time interaction with the building owner.

•    Remote Training/Education – a doctor is looking to setup an LTE enabled video training session with several remote supporting teams for a clinical trial.

•    Newscaster – a news wire service provides coverage through a collaboration with the assignment editor, showing how LTE will allow camera crews sent to the news site to uplink stream HD video real time to the Show Producer.

LTE, the next generation of mobile communication technology, enables the fast transfer of huge amounts of data in an efficient and cost-effective way, optimizing the use of the frequency band. With decreased latency, consumers can enjoy whatever service is available online – streaming video, network games – effortlessly and on the move.

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LTE empowers businesses