Be productive and get organised with a BlackBerry smartphone

A BlackBerry® smartphone is a perfect tool for the professional on the move trying to juggle a calendar full of competing demands from friends, family and work.

It keeps you connected to everyone and everything that matters, allowing you the freedom to roam away from your desk or notebook and helping you make the most of your precious time.

BlackBerry smartphones offer all the necessary business and personal functionality that professional users have come to expect, such as push email, browser, text messaging (SMS and MMS), instant messaging, organiser applications, media players and much more.

In addition to this built-in functionality, there is an extensive range of applications for BlackBerry smartphones that will help you to maximise your time and make the most of your life at the office and at home.

Put your life in order with the following expense trackers, task managers, information services and more:

OANDA Currency

Are you a frequent traveller? Then OANDA Currency Converter is about to be your best friend. Just select the currency you want to convert from and to, fill in the amount, and OANDA Currency does the math. Download OANDA Currency for free at


If you want to settle arguments, win bets and dazzle people with your general knowledge, WikiMobile on your BlackBerry smartphone is for you. It will give you access to over two million Wikipedia articles, including pictures and quick facts. Download a free trial for your BlackBerry smartphone from

MileageTracker Pro

On the road again? Take Mileage Tracker Pro with you. This powerful tool will track and manage your mileage right on your BlackBerry smartphone. Simply enter odometer readings and trip details into this application on your BlackBerry smartphone and you’ll have accurate, timely records of your trips. You can download a free trial at

ToDo Matrix Professional

Become your own task master with ToDo Matrix for your BlackBerry smartphone. This tool helps you to manage an unlimited number of tasks, so you can stay on top of deadlines. It lets you track and manage tasks by team members, projects and folders and even allows you to then sort tasks by fields, priorities and dates. Get a free trial of ToDoMatrix Professional at:

WorldMate Live

This ultimate travel planning and management service guides you throughout your trip with important itinerary updates, maps and directions to your hotel and meetings, weather forecasts, and much more. It’s simple. You send WorldMate your travel plans, they then create your itinerary which is automatically synced between your personal webpage and BlackBerry smartphone. You can download this application for free at:

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Be productive and get organised with a BlackBerry smartphone