Canon digital cameras now available from DCC

Incorporates new features and enhancements

Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has introduced a number of new Canon compact digital cameras which caters to a broad range of users in every size, colour and form.

The Canon Power SX120, Digital IXUS 200 IS, PowerShot S90, and PowerShot G11 are immediately available from DCC and will enable resellers to offer their clients digital cameras that are truly geared towards various segments of the compact digital camera marketplace.

“We are excited about offering the absolute latest in Canon digital camera innovation to our resellers.  As usual the cameras incorporate high-spec features, which one would expect to find in high-end products, demonstrating the company’s commitment to photography innovation and quality picture taking,” comments Jan Vorster, Canon product specialist at DCC.

The PowerShot SX120 IS

The PowerShot SX120 IS builds on the success of its popular predecessor, the PowerShot SX110 IS, incorporating its ergonomic curved lines and a handsome, lightweight, black finish.

The camera is ideal for capturing a variety of scenes and activities. A 10x optical zoom lens is perfect for family holidays or school sports days, when users often need extra zoom.

For pin-sharp results, the PowerShot SX120 IS incorporates Canon’s Image Stabilizer (IS), ISO Auto and Motion Detection Technology that work together to form a complete Anti-Blur solution.

Additionally, to capture every detail, the PowerShot SX120 IS includes a 10 Megapixel sensor with Canon’s powerful and intelligent DIGIC 4 processor – ensuring response times and natural colour reproduction. DIGIC 4 also takes care of difficult lighting conditions with i-Contrast – a technology which prevents highlight blowout, whilst retaining shadow detail.

The PowerShot SX120 IS includes Smart Auto and Easy modes with Scene Detection Technology. By analysing people, distance, brightness and colour in the scene, the camera automatically selects one of 18 scene variables to optimise settings for the best results – freeing the user to concentrate on picture taking, while the camera takes care of the technical details.

The Digital IXUS 200 IS

The 12.1 Megapixel Digital IXUS 200 IS for the first time features a 24mm ultra-wide angle lens with 5x optical zoom.  The lens offers a wider perspective than conventional wide-angle lenses which in turn enables users to capture stunning landscapes and get everyone in the frame even when shooting large groups of people.

The IXUS 200 IS also incorporates Canon’s first ever touch-screen system which enables users to quickly and naturally flick through pictures or select your shooting settings with a single finger-press.

Spontaneous and easy-to-use, the touch-screen works alongside the traditional camera controls to give an enhanced, natural and intuitive experience. Furthermore, the inclusion of a Smart Auto mode with Scene Detection Technology allows users to simply point and shoot – safe in the knowledge that all the hard work, such as scene and setting selection, has been done for them.

The Digital IXUS 200 IS will also make sure that faces of friends are always captured perfectly thanks to Face Detection Technology.

With a choice of four striking colours  – Blue, Gold, Purple, or Silver – the Digital IXUS 200 IS combines fingertip control, total simplicity and a super-stylish design.

PowerShot S90

The new PowerShot S90 marks the return of the Canon PowerShot S-series and incorporates fully manual features that deliver excellent image quality and user experience, including: Canon’s Dual Anti-Noise System with an f/2.0 wide-angle lens, a 3.0 inch PureColor II LCD display and an intuitive new lens Control Ring.

The Dual Anti-Noise System combines high sensitivity 10.0 Megapixel image sensor with Canon’s enhanced DIGIC 4 image processor. Photographers can therefore capture full resolution images – even in tricky lighting conditions – with the Dual Anti-Noise System taking maximum advantage of the available light, while substantially reducing image noise.

Additionally, the f/2.0 wide-angle lens allows twice as much light into the camera as an f/2.8 lens, enabling photographers to use faster shutter speeds to reduce blur or achieve a shallower depth of field.

The PowerShot S90’s intuitive lens Control Ring enables users to adjust the settings of various functions by twisting the selector at the base of the lens barrel to the left or right. The Control Ring can be used as a quasi-manual zoom offering a closer view of subjects in 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 105mm steps.  Additional settings can be assigned, such as ISO (in 1/3 stop increments), shutter, aperture, focus and exposure compensation – giving photographers a satisfyingly tactile experience.

The PowerShot G11

Lastly, the PowerShot G11 digital compact camera, the successor to the multi-award winning PowerShot G10, incorporates a number of new features such as Dual Anti-Noise System, PureColor II VA LCD and enhancements to the i-Contrast technology.

The new 2.8-inch vari-angle PureColor II VA LCD – a feature introduced as a direct result of customer feedback – makes the PowerShot G11 ideal for shooting in all situations, such as reportage photography where using the optical viewfinder may not be practical.

Perfect for creative and macro photography, the vari-angle lens has a wide viewing angle and 461k dot resolution with natural colour accuracy, giving photographers a detailed view of their subjects – both pre and post-shoot.

Furthermore, the lens offers a 5x wide angle (28mm) zoom with optical Image Stabilizer (IS). This allows handheld shots to be taken at much slower shutter speeds (4-stops) than conventional non-IS models – allowing perfect shooting in darker conditions or at a lower ISO.

Enhancements to the Intelligent Contrast Correction technology – i-Contrast

– optimises the dynamic range of images while preventing highlight blowout and retaining low-light detail.

i-Contrast is ideal for use in difficult lighting situations where there is a wide disparity between dark and bright areas of a scene, as can be the case with outdoor portraits. A new Low Light mode can be used to achieve low noise levels at reduced resolution in a higher ISO range – ideal for indoor and low-light photography, users can capture 2.5 Megapixel images at up to ISO 12800 and 2.4 frames per second.

The PowerShot G11 also includes a built-in 3-stop Neutral Density (ND) filter and white balance fine control which enables photographers to more accurately account for variations in natural and artificial light, such as differences in colour tone across various kinds of tungsten light bulbs.

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Canon digital cameras now available from DCC