Billion HomePlug P106 – Simplify your connectivity

Imagine being able to use your existing power lines as connectivity for your home network? Sound crazy? Well it’s true. The Billion HomePlug P106 allows you to extend the capabilities of your  home network by transferring data, voice, video, audio or broadband Internet at up to 200 megabits per second (Mbps) over your  existing power lines.

It is simple to install and can bridge any Ethernet device (e.g., modems, routers and PCs), enabling you and your friends or family to share network access via existing in-home power lines. You simply plug in your networking devices and press the Sync button on the bridge.

The bridge is not only limited to wired communications – it will integrate with wireless networks using existing power lines. And this starter kit comes with two units to setup your network.

In addition, the Billion P106 Homeplug automatically detects if you are connected to the network and if not, it will go into ‘sleep mode’, which cuts power consumption by at least 60 percent.

The Billion HomePlug retails for approximately R1396.00 inclusive of V.A.T and is available from Ingram Micro.

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Billion HomePlug P106 – Simplify your connectivity