GPS Device that warns you about upcoming speedtraps

Designed to encourage safe and responsible driving, the Points Demerit Penalty System whereby road traffic infringements will be allocated demerit points besides the penalties and or fines issued.

Road Angel Navigator 2000 Viva is a guardian angel for South African drivers – A GPS that warns of hijack hot-spots & Speedtraps. Road Vigil CEO, Kevin van Huysteen says this has created a market need for a GPS device like the Road Angel Navigator, which warns you of upcoming speed traps, through audible and visual alerts. Warnings include speed trap type, speed limit and proximity to hazard, are triggered as the driver approaches a known point, and it is the warning, or reminder, that assists the driver to save the ticket.

Demerit points range between 1 and 2 for minor infringements, 3 and 4 for major infringements whilst for offences demerit points range between 5 and 6. Minor and major infringements will be adjudicated through the AARTO process except in instances where the driver elects to be tried in the court of law. On the other hand, road traffic offences are dealt with through the Criminal Procedure Act. Examples of such offences are drunken driving or exceeding the speed limit by 50% or more.

The Road Angel system helps to improve road safety simply by giving you audible and visual alerts as you approach hazardous parts of the road, says Road Vigil CEO, Kevin Huysteen. Which is the major motivation for implementing the new point demerit system is the high accident rate in South Africa. One of the human components of accident cost is the loss of economic output of persons killed or injured in accidents.

In a study by de Haan, lost output represented a proportion of 23% of the cost of an accident. In a fatal accident, the loss of output represented 80 % of the cost. In a study in the USA, loss of wages over remaining life and loss of productive household activity were 85% of total cost of a fatal accident (lost wages represented 70%). Lost wages were 28% of the average cost of an accident. In this same study, household productivity lost accounted for 8.2% of the cost of all crashes and 15.9% of the cost of fatal crashes.

Road Angel Navigator 2000 Viva has Road Angel’s award winning High Accident Zone and camera alert system. Southern African street level mapping with in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozabique.  Priced at R1, 199.00

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GPS Device that warns you about upcoming speedtraps