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DCC introduces new Galaxy MGE UPS 3500 – delivers industrial power in an optimised form factor

Meeting the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) needs of industrial, demanding environments, Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has introduced APC’s MGE Galaxy 3500 three-phase UPS which, for the first time, incorporates a harmonic filter that prevents harmonic distortion and protects equipment.

The MGE Galaxy 3500 comes in an optimised form factor, saving up to 60 percent space and is available in a ‘three-phase in three-phase out'(10/15/20/30/40 kilo Vault amps) option which is ideal for environments with high power usage needs. It is also available in ‘three-phase in one-phase out’ (15/20/30/40 kVA) that has the ability to deal with industrial power but can still provide a more regulated power supply.

The harmonic filter, which now forms part of the APC range as a result of its acquisition of MGE, eliminates the harmonic distortion caused by appliances. Harmonics are currents and voltages that are continuous multiples of the fundamental frequency of 60 Hz such as 120 Hz (2nd harmonic) and 300 Hz (5th harmonic).

Moreover, harmonic currents provide power that cannot be used and also take up electrical system capacity. Large quantities of harmonics can lead to malfunctioning of a system that results in downtime and an increase in operating costs. It can impact a myriad of equipment such as printers, faxes, PCs, battery chargers, dimmers and so forth.

“The Galaxy 3500 is demonstrative of the cross-pollination of expertise between APC and MGE; the UPS provides fantastic features in a rugged casing which is ideal for industrial environments such as factory plants,” comments Robert Brandt, APC Product Specialist at distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

The Galaxy 3500 is well adapted to demanding industrial environments, featuring a heavy duty design of reinforced steel plates — 2mm front steel plate and NEMA 12/IP51 top plate — which protects the UPS against hard handling, dirt and dripping liquids.

In addition, it features easily replaceable air filters that prevent dust and debris from affecting performance.  As a result, the MGE Galaxy 3500 offers 93 percent reduced cost of ownership.

Importantly, due to the hot-swappable functionality of the Galaxy 3500, batteries can be replaced quickly without the usual associated downtime which is particularly critical in IT and electrical room environments.

The APC MGE 3500 UPS also includes the following features:
.    A slide in/out concept that makes it easy to replace the entire power module
.    A maintenance bypass switch that is accessible from the front of the unit
.    Dual mains input/output that allows for connection to two separate power inputs for increased availability
.    Busbar connections for easy connection to extended run battery cabinets
.    A user-friendly interface that includes a backlit display, independent status lights and navigation keys
.    A network management card that allows for remote management of the UPS by connecting directly to the network via a Web browser and environmental monitoring

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Industrial UPS from DCC