McAfee protecting Windows 7

Workgroup’s dedicated McAfee division has announced that McAfee’s computer security products support Windows 7, Microsoft’s most recently release operating system.

Available through Workgroup, McAfee’s security products for consumers and business provide necessary protection for Windows 7 users against threats such as viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, hacker intrusion and malicious Web sites. Further, McAfee encryption and data loss prevention solutions for enterprises will support Windows 7.

“To date, Microsoft has had to address critical security flaws in Windows 7,” says Andrea van der Westhuizen, product manager: McAfee at Workgroup. “Late last year, Microsoft issued its biggest software patch on record to fix a range of security issues in its software programs, including Windows 7.

“Several of these flaws could allow remote attackers to commandeer a vulnerable Windows system after the user simply views a rigged Web site. McAfee provided protection against exploitation of most of these security threats on the day of Microsoft’s patch release.”

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McAfee protecting Windows 7