World’s fastest microwave backhaul solution with 2.5Gbps

•    Demonstrates world’s first 2.5Gbps microwave radio connection live
•    More than 60 percent of radio base stations are backhauled using microwave solutions
•    Delivered 2 million MINI-LINK microwave radio units

By 2014, more than 3 billion subscribers will use broadband, with 80 percent on mobile broadband according to Ericsson. High transmission speeds are critical to meet the ever increasing demand placed on mobile networks by the dramatic rise in traffic from smartphones and other devices as well as applications such as video, internet TV and business services. Mobile operators see high capacity microwave radio connections as a fast and cost-effective way to backhaul broadband services on WCDMA and LTE networks efficiently and reliably, particularly in urban areas.

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) will provide a live demonstration of the world’s first high-speed microwave radio connection with a transporting capacity of 2.5Gbps at GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona on February 15-18. This is one of Ericsson’s latest efforts to support increased data speeds in networks and ensure they can scale up to manage the capacity needed for fully fledged LTE systems. The 2.5Gbps connection uses the new 70-80GHz frequency band (E-band) to transport high levels of data on the air.

Georges Antoun, head of IP and Broadband at Ericsson, says: “Microwave has been a key component when it comes to fast and cost-effective rollouts of mobile networks, and will continue to be just that when the capacities take off in the networks. We have now delivered more than 2 million MINI-LINKs around the globe and we see that microwave will remain as the solution for mobile backhaul as it provides the lowest total cost of ownership.”

Ericsson will release its first product in the 70-80GHz frequency band supporting 1Gbps during 2010. The demonstration will be carried out at Ericsson’s exhibition area in Hall 6, La Fira, Barcelona during the GSMA MWC. Access is by invitation only. Media representatives should contact Ericsson Corporate Public & Media Relations.

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World’s fastest microwave backhaul solution with 2.5Gbps