Save 20% on faxes

Vox Amvia has launched a new service that will cut the cost of sending faxes by up to 20%.

Fax is often considered an outdated technology in the age of email – yet the volume of faxes being sent by corporations is still enormous and not in decline. Yet because it isn’t top of mind, companies rarely think about what it costs them in terms of phone calls.

It’s costing them a lot, says Vox Amvia’s MD Craig Freer, which is why Vox Amvia has designed a cut-price package to lower fax bills in the same way Vox Telecom already slashes the cost of voice calls for businesses and consumers.

Vox Amvia has installed RightFax server software for countless companies, but this is the first time it has extended its service to actually handle the transmission process on its own networks.

Discounts that Telkom offers to large corporate clients typically cut an overall discount of about 20% on the average bill. The discounts apply to fax traffic as well, but because most faxes are sent to national or premium rate numbers it averages out at only about 6%, says Freer.

“We have built the VBill solution as a discount structure specifically for fax traffic that offers 18 – 20% discount. Previously we have supplied the fax server and we’ve done a very good job of rolling out infrastructure. But then the client had to call Telkom for a line. Now we have closed the loop by providing the telecom element as well.”

About 90% of top corporations in the country have a RightFax environment, and Vox Amvia has designed VBill specifically for those customers. VBill took almost 18 months to develop, and Freer expects demand for the new service to be rapid. “It’s a really compelling discount strategy we have devised,” he says.

The largest RightFax sites each transmit between two million and four million minutes of fax traffic every month, showing the potential size of the business that Vox Amvia is targeting. It is now conducting proof of concept trials with several large companies and five have already migrated their fax traffic off Telkom and onto Vox Amvia. One is already slicing between R120,000 and R150,000 a month off its fax bill.

Vox Amvia will install a Vox Telecom link, which connects to the core Vox network, allowing it to offer these significant discounts. The same link can also accommodate up to 15,000 fax numbers on a single PRI, so companies can extend fax to email services to the whole organisation without any additional cost.

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Save 20% on faxes