Secure USB Drive

Verbatim’s new Executive Secure USB Drive is now available from Drive Control Corporation (DCC). To prevent unauthorised access to the USB drive’s content, the Executive Secure drive has four security functions – premium 256-bit AES hardware encryption; a password hashing algorithm; obligatory password entry directive; and automatic deletion of all data following 20 failed access attempts. The Executive Secure is now available in capacities of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB.

“The loss or theft of a USB drive can have devastating consequences if important personal or financial data falls into the wrong hands,” comments GJ Janse Van Rensburg, Verbatim Product Specialist at DCC. “Designed to meet the increased need for security, the Verbatim Executive Secure USB Drive provides the ideal solution to this challenge, offering an affordable and reliable security tool for anyone needing to conveniently carry confidential data.”

Verbatim’s new Executive Secure USB drive offers premium 256-bit AES hardware encryption and security controller hardware that prevents data from being accessed illegitimately. With integrated password protection also added to the mix, and a password entry security functions that automatically deletes all stored data from the drive after 20 failed access attempts, this USB drive presents superlative data security in an easy-to-operate and reliable package.

The USB interface is also physically protected with a sliding mechanism, so a separate cap is not needed. A useful built-in LED light indicates when the drive is in operation and transferring information, which it does with read speeds of up to 11 MB/sec and write speeds of 8 MB/sec.

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Secure USB Drive