Keep company data secure

Verbatim’s Business Secure USB drive, which is designed to meet the cutting-edge security requirements of companies, hospitals and authorities, is now available from Drive Control Corporation. The 256-bit AES hardware encryption, coupled with integrated password protection, offers state-of-the-art security for stored data that has been awarded the “Trusted Device” seal of quality. Storage capacities of 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB are available now.

Says GJ Janse Van Rensburg, Verbatim Product Specialist at DCC: “In the age of cyber-crime, the issue of data security is huge. Verbatim’s Business Secure USB drive is ideal for professionals who depend on the mobility of their digital documents. And for companies and organisations that work constantly with sensitive data, it’s a practical and secure solution.”

Using the 256-bit AES hardware encryption, confidential data is backed up and protected from unauthorised access via a password. The drive offers several security functions, including a password entry prompt, a password hashing algorithm and a password entry system that protects against hackers by deleting the data from the device after six incorrect attempts to enter the password are made.

The “Trusted Device” seal of quality confirms that Business Secure is able to effectively protect data from unauthorised access. Together with the “Endpoint Protector” software from CoSosys (, which can be bought separately, Business Secure forms part of a security concept that satisfies even the most stringent demands of operating in a corporate setting. As well as its protection function, the software enables companies to track data transfers via mobile storage devices and only permit their use on registered PCs. The special design of the Store ‘n’ Go product range protects USB connections thanks to a fold-up mechanism, doing away with the need for a protective cap. Lost protective caps in laptops and trouser pockets are therefore something of the past.


.    256-bit AES hardware encryption

.    V-Secure software with obligatory user registration

.    Password hashing algorithm ensures maximum information security

.    Password entry protected against hackers

.    Compatible with Windows ReadyBoost

.    Certified for Windows Vista

.    Optional Endpoint security; USB ports can be secured centrally

.    2-year limited warranty from Verbatim

.    The mobile USB connection makes caps obsolete

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Keep company data secure