BlackBerry smartphone protective casing

The Otterbox range of protective cases for BlackBerry® smartphones offered through Smartcom Mobile communications is now available in South Africa.

These rugged cases offer your smartphone protection from the elements and accidental bumps and shocks, while giving you full access to your BlackBerry smartphone without removing it from the protective Otterbox case.

The Otterbox cases, available for the BlackBerry® Curve™ 8900 smartphone, the BlackBerry® Curve™ 8520 smartphone, the BlackBerry® Bold™ series and the BlackBerry® Storm™ series, come in three different types that vary in durability:

The Impact Series

The Impact™ Series line of cases is designed to offer a simple, thin safeguard for everyday protection.  Incorporating a silicone design, the Impact Series provides effective protection from bumps and shocks with a stylish casing that fits snugly over our smartphone. It gives you open access to the Sync/Charge jack as well as camera and programme buttons through the Otterbox casing; you can also speak to and hear callers through the shell. It is available at a recommended retail price of R119.

The Commuter Series

For users that need added protection against bumps and shocks, the Commuter™ Series case provides three slim and stylish layers of protection. As with the Impact Series, the Commuter Series provides full access to all phone buttons and functions through its casing. It’s available at a recommended retail price of R280.

The Defender Series

Smartphone users expecting a particularly rugged adventure might want to consider the Defender™ Series line of cases, designed to safeguard BlackBerry smartphones against drops, bumps, scratches, dust and shocks. With its innovative three-layer design, the Defender Series keeps your BlackBerry smartphone safe, and offers you substantial peace of mind. This casing provides access to all side button and trackball features as well as sync/charge and headphone jacks, camera, flash, speakers, and microphone. It also includes a holster-style swivel belt clip and is available at a recommended retail price of R399.

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BlackBerry smartphone protective casing