Motorola improves response times

Seamless Integrated Voice Communications Across Devices and Networks Improve Associate Response Times, Streamline Operations and Increase Worker Safety

The Enterprise Mobility Solutions business of Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) has announced the latest additions to its award-winning Total Enterprise Access and Mobility (TEAM) portfolio, the TEAM Radio Link Solution (TEAM RLS) module and TEAM Radio Link Solution Express (TEAM RLS Express).

Building on Motorola’s expertise in reliable push-to-talk (PTT) technologies, these easy-to-deploy, reliable solutions enable enterprises with business-critical two-way radio systems to enhance their communications capabilities with PTT interoperability. With TEAM RLS and TEAM RLS Express, customers can provide the right device for each associate while maintaining reliable communications between different groups of users, resulting in seamless integrated voice communications that can help reduce associate response times, streamline operational processes and improve worker safety.

“As new mobile voice and data devices are introduced into the enterprise, organizations face communication silos that prevent groups of workers from being able to quickly and reliably connect with each other,” said Rob Arnold, senior enterprise communications analyst, Current Analysis. “With its expertise in mobile device design, wireless LAN and two-way radio systems, Motorola is uniquely positioned to break down these silos, making it integral to an enterprise’s unified communications solution.”

Providing access to the right information at the right time is a key way of enhancing workforce productivity. As organizations continue to embrace enterprise mobility, they are equipping workers with a broad range of new capabilities and devices that provide on-the-move connectivity. However, mobility solutions have been deployed as stand-alone systems, creating islands of connectivity, where interoperability is limited to similar devices.

Motorola’s rich heritage in designing and deploying two-way radio systems, coupled with the industry’s broadest range of voice-enabled mobile computers and award-winning TEAM Voice-over-WLAN (TEAM VoWLAN) solutions, has enabled it to address this issue and offer customers a set of innovative solutions that break down the interoperability barriers.

Motorola’s TEAM RLS takes interoperability to the next level by equipping organizations with an optional module to the TEAM VoWLAN solution that delivers unmatched interoperability, with integrated PTT group communications between TEAM VoWLAN smartphones, TEAM badges or mobile computers equipped with TEAM Express and two-way radios.

The TEAM RLS module leverages the TEAM VoWLAN appliance, reducing hardware costs and accelerating the return on investment. Two-way radio interoperability is facilitated by two-way donor units connected to the RLS module through a Radio Interface Unit.

The result is interoperability with reliable, PTT group communications that help decrease worker response times, improve operational efficiencies and increase worker productivity and safety.

The TEAM RLS Express is a standalone version of TEAM RLS, ideal for organizations that don’t require full VoWLAN and telephony integration, providing basic group PTT between TEAM Express-enabled devices and two-way radios. TEAM RLS Express offers customers the ability to quickly establish reliable voice interoperability, so workers can begin communicating between work groups for improved operational efficiencies and increased productivity. TEAM VoWLAN capabilities can be added as needed to TEAM RLS Express with a software upgrade (and PBX integration).

“Only Motorola has the breadth of portfolio and depth of expertise in mobility to effectively create a truly integrated voice solution for seamless voice between work groups using different devices,” said Imran Akbar, vice president and general manager for Converged Enterprise Communications, Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions. “The new TEAM Radio Link Solutions enable organizations to maximize the benefits of their existing infrastructure and devices for faster response, better decisions and higher productivity, putting them ahead of the curve and positioning their operations for growth.”

Motorola relies on a worldwide network of best-in-class partners to deliver enterprise mobility solutions that provide real-time information for better decisions and better results. With a level of industry experience and business acumen that can only be garnered through in-the-field experience, our partners add significant value to enterprise mobility solutions. The TEAM RLS and TEAM RLS Express solutions are expected to be available in select countries worldwide through Motorola channel partners and Motorola sales in the second quarter of 2010.

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Motorola improves response times