Multisource annual conference date announced

Multisource, South Africa’s leading wireless services provider, has today announced that it will be hosting its annual conference and open day on telecommunications, wireless, IP interconnectivity and Next Generation Networks (NGN), on Thursday, 6 May, 2010 at the Indaba Hotel in Johannesburg from 09:00 to 17:00.

TechNiche, now in its third year, brings together key players in the Telecoms Industry to share the latest trends, ideas, challenges and legislative issues. Expert speakers will share insights into new and emerging technologies and business models and will showcase new offerings from global leaders such as Icom, Trango, and Airspan.

‘TechNiche: 2010 & Beyond’ is a trade convention that provides delegates with an exceptional opportunity to showcase existing and new niche products and extol their merits and benefits to a niche audience. Economists are generally in agreement: there is no doubt that our economy is improving, albeit slowly – so now is the time to prepare for the upswing, and be ready to benefit from a stronger business environment.

Kicking off the 2010 conference and master class breakaways is Richard Smuts-Steyn, CEO of Multisource, who will discuss the rapid undertaking of next generation IP communications, as well as recent developments in wireless technology.

“There is no other conference like this today, where professionals can gather and discuss the timely issues of telecommunications and the hot topics around interconnect  strategies”, says Multisource CEO, Richard Smuts-Steyn. “The primary purpose of the conference is to bring together key players in the industry and afford them the chance of being involved with the opportunities presented by IP interconnectivity and Next Generation Networks, as well as the benefits of Multisource’s diverse Fixed and Wireless service offering.”

Conferences and Exhibitions are valuable events, but they cannot offer the business intimacy which TechNiche provides, enabling close interface with delegates and potential clients in a focused, captive assembly.

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Multisource annual conference date announced