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Enhanced Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones application launches in open beta

The new Twitter® for BlackBerry® smartphones application launches in BlackBerry App World™ today, allowing BlackBerry users to engage with the popular social media platform.

The application allows users to:
•    Get direct messages as soon as they arrive (making use of BlackBerry® push)
•    Reply to tweets, re-tweet and send direct messages
•    Post a link from their BlackBerry® browser
•    Take pictures and upload them direct from the camera application
•    Share thoughts and join conversations
•    Find and follow friends or search for popular topics

Launched in a closed beta in February, RIM has taken onboard your feedback to enhance the functionality of the app, ahead of today’s launch.  During beta testing, the following additional features have been developed:

•    Notifications of new tweets and @replies/mentions
•    Lists support
•    Profile editing
•    Personalisation settings
•    Show/Hide Nav. Bar and Tweetbox
•    Font size/style
•    Enlarged profile avatar viewing
•    Additional in application caching

Available for free from the test centre in BlackBerry App World, the Twitter for BlackBerry app is available for download today.

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Tweet on BlackBerry