Help fund modern day Mona Lisa online

Art Supporters Help to Create Tomorrow’s Masterpieces via the Internet

With masterpieces like Van Gogh’s Starry Night treasured by millions, it’s no wonder that Pepsi is looking to find the next great idea.

Visual Overture Magazine, a quarterly printed art publication that showcases visual artists and helps them gain exposure to galleries, curators, and collectors, is in the running for a $25,000 grant sponsored by the Pepsi Refresh project for the month of April.

The great artists from past centuries were talented visionaries, many of whom were funded by wealthy patrons. Unfortunately, today’s artists, who are busy creating tomorrow’s masterpieces, do not have that support. That support is now possible with a simple vote. It’s possible thanks to Pepsi, which gives away $1.3 million in “Refresh” grants every month to fund philanthropic initiatives.

The philanthropic projects are posted on a central website and the public is invited to click-to-vote in support of their favorite endeavor. Art supporters who believe in the arts don’t have to pay anything in order to support the arts. With a simple click of a button, they can vote for Visual Overture Magazine’s project so that emerging artists get the exposure they need.

“Just imagine how you’d feel if you helped Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel, or if you helped Monet paint his Water Lilies,” says Arlissa Vaughn, founder of Visual Overture Magazine. “It’s possible to help tomorrow’s great artists with just the simple click of a button.”

Vaughn explains: “Our project is simple. If we are selected to receive the grant, the money will be used in two ways: First, Visual Overture Magazine will increase the publication base by 500% into key target markets so that the content of the magazine can introduce emerging talent to more galleries, curators, and collectors. Second, Visual Overture Magazine will provide ten scholarships to artists who need to develop their skills further in order to exhibit and sell their work successfully.”

Anyone can participate by visiting and clicking “Vote for this Idea” through April 30. Every vote increases the likelihood that Visual Overture Magazine can support emerging visual artists who need help gaining invaluable exposure to galleries, curators, and collectors around the country. “Perhaps an artist funded from this grant will paint tomorrow’s masterpiece,” says Vaughn, “All it takes is a quick and easy vote in support of Visual Overture Magazine to receive the Pepsi Refresh grant.”

To support emerging visual artists who might be tomorrow’s great artists, visit and click “Vote for this Idea”.

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Help fund modern day Mona Lisa online