Personalised Desktop Computers

Notorious Solutions Ltd launched a new computer brand offering products that can be completely personalized. The brand’s philosophy is noticeable in its computers being innovative, reliable, stylish and elegant and also energy efficient with low noise level. For now, the products are only available through the online store.

U.K. company Notorious Solutions Ltd has launched a new computer brand named Notorious Gadgets. The brand is noticeable by its stylish custom made computers. Notorious Gadgets “expresses itself” by offering much more than just a computer tailored exactly to your needs; it’s tending towards creating a computer that will be part of our customer personality and its own environment.

The Notorious Gadgets philosophy is clear and simple. To offer innovative solutions, reliability, great customer support, style and perfection.

Its main products are desktop computers:
i) that fit the needs from a powerfull desktop computer to a simple multimedia computer;
ii) that become part of your decor, that are sexy and elegant;
iii) that are always reliable;
iv) that are energy efficient;
v) that have low noise level.

For now, the products are only available through the online store at Visitors can choose from a preconfigured model or build their own personalized computer. Products will become gradually available at local and online stores through Europe.

Notorious Gadgets will gradually expand its product range, extending from classic products such as LCD displays and printers to special innovative widgets and solutions, which will definitely increase the product added value.

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Personalised Desktop Computers