Vox Amvia enables complete IP based fax solution

FoIP, better known as Fax over IP refers to the process of sending and receiving faxes via an IP network. In order to maximise the effectiveness of a FoIP enabled solution, Open Text have launched the Open Text Fax Gateway.

As the official partner of Open Text RightFax, world leaders in fax server software, Vox Amvia will be rolling out Fax Gateway to the South African market.

According to Boudje Giljam Marketing Director of Vox Amvia, the Open Text Fax Gateway will provide a cost effective alternative to traditional fax boards and remote fax servers, maximising current IP infrastructure, facilitating network consolidation and simplifying office fax management. It also allows for real time FoIP software without a VoIP ready network.

“The standards-based architecture of Open Text Fax Gateways provides extreme interoperability, remarkable simplicity, and promises to meet all of an organisation’s FoIP needs with confidence, ease and security.”

Open Text Gateways use the forward compatible SIP protocol to transform analog faxing to the industry standard FoIP protocol T.38 which enables the sending and receiving of faxes via a VoIP network.

“With the Fax Gateway’s capabilities, centralised fax management for the entire company is now possible. The branch doesn’t even require a fax server or fax board hardware. Instead the Gateway routes faxes between the office via IP and least cost routing, over the company IP network, avoiding long distance toll charges,” says Giljam.

“This enables easier branch management as organisations can leverage and maximise their IP networks, and easily deploy fax capabilities to remote offices without onsite IT resources. This not only improves the efficiency of the faxing process, but enables major cost reductions,” adds Giljam.

The Open Text Fax Gateway supports standards based security and reporting functions and allows for high availability and disaster recovery for fax services. It is also designed for greater flexibility through a pay as you grow model, which enables IT administrators to grow their FoIP infrastructure as the organisations fax needs grow.

According to Giljam, virtualisation is another important trend. “With the market moving away from multiple fax boards and servers, virtualised FoIP enabled Fax servers and Fax Gateways cuts costs dramatically and simplifies failover and redundancy.”

“With a number of privacy acts coming into being, fax is becoming business critical once more. The Open Text Fax Gateway will make the process simpler, cheaper and above all easier to manage.”

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Vox Amvia enables complete IP based fax solution