Huawei and Safaricom Deploy Next-Generation Mobile Softswitch in Kenya

Huawei, a leader in providing next-generation telecommunication network solutions for operators around the world, and Safaricom, the largest integrated communications company in Kenya, today announced the successful deployment of a next-generation advanced telecom computing architecture (“ATCA”) mobile softswitch for the Safaricom network. The move represents an important milestone in Safaricom’s aim to develop a high-quality All-IP network.

Huawei’s suite of All-IP solutions have been designed to specifically address the major challenges that operators are facing in All-IP network transformation, by enabling the construction of high-performance, highly reliable, cost-efficient mobile core networks. Huawei’s ATCA mobile softswitch solution will enable Safaricom to reduce transmission costs, improve service quality, and “future-proof” its network by preparing for network evolution and convergence. In addition, the solution offers a customer-centric approach to network management that can provide real-time monitoring, fault location and automatic recovery functions to strengthen the network’s smart IP operation.

“Safaricom is constantly focused on meeting rapidly growing subscriber needs through thorough understanding of our customer base and continuous adoption of industry-leading telecommunication solutions. Huawei’s cutting-edge ATCA mobile softswitch solution meets our unique requirements, and will help us advance network efficiency, reduce operation costs, and better serve our customers,” said Mr. Bararot, CTO of Safaricom.

“Our ATCA softswitch solution represents a critical step in the evolution towards an All-IP converged network as it makes possible the consistent delivery of rich and compelling telecom services anytime, anywhere. Huawei’s ATCA mobile softswitch solution enables Safaricom to deliver a more stable, reliable network and higher quality services to its customers, making it more competitive in serving consumer needs,” said Mr. Jin Huang, Vice President of core network, Huawei.

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Huawei and Safaricom Deploy Next-Generation Mobile Softswitch in Kenya