The benefits of Fax2Email are HUGE

As the modern-day workplace becomes increasingly mobile; and as more South Africans embark onto the self-employment ship, there is certainly a greater need for the flexibility of receiving faxes any place, at any time, at minimum cost.

Efficient, cheap and “Green”

Gone are the days of the restrictive faxing system that entailed purchasing expensive fax machines and queuing at them, only to be told there is a paper jam. Going “Green” is now vital towards safeguarding our environment, so we say goodbye to extensive paper wastage!

Fax2Email is a superb communication solution which innovatively combines the pluses of both email and fax, offering you a quick, easy and cost effective transfer service. Now, even home users and students can send and receive faxes swiftly and easily.

Yet, with the surplus of Fax2Email offerings out on the market at the moment, one in particular stands out from the crowd.

Product success, delighted clients

Huge Telecom’s Fax2Email service, launched in January 2010, has advanced immensely over the past four months, and is now offering nearly 400 companies, and 1200 users throughout South Africa privacy, price and productivity.

Among Huge Telecom’s top clients is 24 Fix, a national call centre specialising in roadside, household and locksmithing services. 24 Fix Office Manager, Shannon Banks says: “We receive large amounts of documentation by fax on a regular basis.  Since registering with Huge Telecom for their Fax2Email service, it has made our tasks so much easier. It is also an absolute pleasure dealing directly with their Product Manager, George Hanos.  Any changes requested are effected promptly and efficiently and we have no hesitation in recommending this product.”

Dedicated expertise

The major reason for the positive reviews of Huge Telecom’s Fax2Email service is that the product has a dedicated Product Manager who offers a personalised support service to its subscribers. Therefore, as opposed to calling through to a random client service call centre, clients deal directly with the dedicated manager.

“This product is particularly important to me, “says Fax2Email Product Manager George Hanos. “I have been involved in its development and growth from the start, and also deal directly with all the activation and support aspects of Fax2Email. I am therefore available to offer assistance to clients directly, whenever they require.”

Benefits of Huge Telecom’s Fax2Email

There are numerous advantages of utilising Fax2Email, and Huge Telecom’s service offers:
•    Privacy and productivity
•    Availability through any internet connection
•    Receipt of all faxes into a personal email account
•    Swift delivery
•    Free retrieval of faxes
•    A green, paperless solution
•    Efficient, affordable outbound faxes, which includes sending to international numbers
•    Ability to send MS Word, PDF and MS Excel attachments
•    Ability to link up to five e-mail addresses to one fax line
•    Secure sequential number blocks of  200 lines
•    A dedicated Product Manager to deal with all aspects of the product

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The benefits of Fax2Email are HUGE