Vox Telecom’s alternative to inflated World Cup flights

If you’re concerned about the inflated prices that airlines will reportedly charge over the World Cup, Vox Telecom has the perfect answer in Eyeris, an affordable high definition IP video conferencing solution.

Douglas Reed, Vox Telecom MD, a leading alternative provider of connectivity and converged telecom services, says businesses are increasingly concerned about air travel prices. ”Increased prices and overcrowding at airports over the four week tournament will have a disastrous effect on many businesses, so we’re pleased to be able to offer a very workable alternative to air travel,” says Reed.

Enhanced experience

Eyeris offers high-definition video and audio for an enhanced ‘face-to-face’ meeting experience for people in different locations. Video images are delivered life-size and in crystal clarity, with document-sharing, allowing meetings to be conducted naturally and productively.

Reed says besides taking communication to the next level, using Eyeris is as simple to use as making a telephone call. It also happens to be affordable enough to dramatically reduce businesses’ travel costs and improve their productivity.

What makes it so inexpensive? He explains that Eyeris is a hosted video conferencing solution that doesn’t require major upfront capital expenditure.

“To make it even more cost-effective, customers can combine Eyeris with our Fishbone line bounding solution,” he adds. “This allows us to put video conferencing within the reach of far more businesses than would otherwise have been the case.”

“Video conferencing and hosted IP technology provides an affordable time saving alternative to travel. Avoid the logistical hassle of travelling with thousands of tourists and give Eyeris a go.”

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Vox Telecom’s alternative to inflated World Cup flights