Cisco certifies high-end headsets

Cisco has certified the Jabra PRO 9400 and Jabra GO 6400 Series for the Cisco IP Communicator and Cisco IP Telephone. These wireless high-end headsets from Jabra integrate up to three devices; PC-softphones, land line and mobile telephones – transmitting speech over a more comprehensive band of frequencies, from 150 to 6,800 Hertz. Thanks to plug-and-play, all models are immediately ready for use, adapting seamlessly into all Cisco’s Unified Communications environments.

“As users adopt Unified Communications, hands-free voice communication becomes ever more important and as a result, the headset becomes a business critical tool. We are finding that many organisations spend a lot more time on the phone to avoid traveling and as a result, need technologies that aid this communication, ones that ease the transition between technologies without having to use multiple devices,” says Gavin Hill, Business Development Manager at Dimension Data.

“As Cisco expand their portfolio of communication offerings across multiple devices, such as desktop, video phones, PC-soft phones and mobile clients, a single headset that works across all of these modalities reduces TCO and drives user adoption and productivity”, continues Hill.

“The Jabra PRO and GO series offer just that, the ability to use a single device for all communications across mobile phones via bluetooth, PC-softphones via a USB cable and desk phones connected to the base via a landline cable. The multifunction key controls call reception and recognises the relevant device. Furthermore, this product range – through the touch screen – pulls together all elements of the handset and headset into one comprehensive communication device,” says Venessa Dewing, Business Development Manger for Jabra at Kathea.

The Jabra PRO 9400 and Jabra GO 6400 models also support remote call control. A ring tone in the headset informs the user of incoming calls. “Individual devices can be controlled and calls accepted, terminated, rejected and managed via multifunction keys and touch screen. Through this users are able to put calls on hold, redial, adjust the loudspeakers and switch the microphone to mute, all with the touch of a button. Thanks to the wireless connection, users remain accessible even away from the phone,” says Venessa Dewing, Business unit manager for Jabra at Kathea.

In close partnership with Cisco, Jabra has designed an extensive portfolio of wireless and corded headsets especially developed for seamless integration with the Cisco IP communicator, models include:

  • The wireless DECT Headset Jabra GN9350e: simultaneously connects to landline telephone and PC-based IP softphones via USB interface, with a range of up to 120 meters
  • The wireless Jabra GN9330e USB: especially designed for IP telephony, with a range of up to 120 meters
  • The Jabra GN2000 USB CIPC: featuring corded headsets available with mono or duo speakers and with integrated mute button. All headsets are equipped with a noise-canceling microphone for very noisy environments

“For us, the Jabra PRO and GO series contributes effectively to what we are trying to achieve in the market – by rounding off the Unified Communications offering locally, a technology which is becoming an ever more integral part of the new generation employee,” concludes Hill.

All models in the Jabra PRO 9400 and Jabra GO 6400 Series are available locally at prices from R 3 000.00

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Cisco certifies high-end headsets