Medi-Clinic continues to choose Huge Telecom

As one of the largest private hospital groups in the world, it is a critical requirement for Medi-Clinic to have complete confidence in their voice communication systems, ensuring that doctors, medical staff and clients are connected at all times.

Huge Telecom has provided Medi-Clinic with their Voice and SMS solutions since 2000.

Medi-Clinic Procurement General Manager, James Herbert, states: “Long term partnerships with service providers are important for Medi-Clinic as they contribute towards providing quality care in a risk-free environment, provision of cost-effective healthcare, and maintaining good relationships with doctors, staff and funders.”

He further states that: “These objectives can only be reached if the service provider has a good quality product, at a fair price, and from a stable platform. We require the support of service providers that will keep us up to date with regards to developments in technology that will increase efficiencies and reduce operational costs.”

Huge Telecom’s Product and Business Development Director, Vincent Mokholo, believes that keeping up-to-date with advancing technological trends is key to successful and cost-effective products.

Mokholo goes on to say: “Technology alone though cannot ensure cost-effective communication. Communication expense management, coupled with efficient service is what we provide, and is key to formulating a sustainable client relationship.”

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Medi-Clinic continues to choose Huge Telecom