Gain competitive edge with Goldmine Premium Edition 9

FrontRange SolutionsTM GoldMine® Premium Edition 9 launched to enhance customer service and new business support

Real-time customisable dashboards allow for faster analysis, while integration with Microsoft Outlook improves collaboration and adoption rates

FrontRange Solutions, the developer of service and customer relationship management solutions, today releases GoldMine Premium Edition (PE) 9 with enhanced customer service and new business support through better client knowledge sharing.

This latest upgrade to FrontRange’s award winning GoldMine® CRM product portfolio, includes for the first time, fully customisable, real-time dashboards; providing the flexibility and in-depth analysis needed to react quickly to the changing business landscape. Its full integration with Microsoft Outlook also allows for improved collaboration across the business, faster adoption rates and access to key information while on the move; facilitating client engagements and improving customer satisfaction levels.

“With the recession behind us, and businesses looking to regain the edge over the competition, faster reaction times and deeper analysis are all the more important,” says Greg Anderson, Global General Manager – GoldMine and Customer Service Management at FrontRange. “This new version of GoldMine Premium Edition extends the solution’s collaborative features, ensuring that key information is always available and easily shareable, to ensure a consistent message is always communicated.”

Unlike other CRM solutions, GoldMine PE9 dashboards are not static; they are both real-time and dynamic allowing users to immediately drill down into data, extracting a wealth of knowledge and information on how customers think, act and purchase. Dashboards can also be configured to integrate with third party systems, removing the need to login to separate systems to retrieve client information.

Its integration with Microsoft Outlook further enhances the sharing process, providing immediate visibility of GoldMine information without having to switch back and forth between the two applications. It is also possible to create and edit additional information such as activities or opportunities from within Outlook to maintain consistency and productivity as well as share particular emails and calendaring items across the business. Businesses can also leverage existing communications infrastructure to access GoldMine via Smartphones already integrated with a users Outlook client.

Integration of the two business systems will also help lessen the overall cost of managing customer relationships. With no heavy burden on IT to maintain the synchronisation of data between the two solutions, the maintenance of Outlook integration plug-in is minimal and managed during the GoldMine PE maintenance process.

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Gain competitive edge with Goldmine Premium Edition 9