Telepresence Using Half the Bandwidth

Polycom Open Telepresence Experience features highest quality of experience with lowest total cost of ownership.

Polycom, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLCM), the global leader in telepresence, video, and voice communications solutions, today expanded the industry’s broadest telepresence solution portfolio with the Polycom® Open Telepresence Experience (OTX™) 300. The immersive telepresence solution delivers true-to-life collaboration, including full 1080p video, at up to half the bandwidth of comparable systems and offers the lowest total cost of ownership, to drive a rapid return on investment for customers.

“Polycom telepresence helps customers address the increasingly critical challenge of collaborating across multiple locations,” said Andrew Miller, president and CEO, Polycom. “Using telepresence, Polycom customers save millions of dollars a year by improving productivity and reducing the need to travel. In addition, we estimate a mid-sized enterprise will spend up to $2.1 million less in the first year of a typical Polycom telepresence deployment – including equipment, bandwidth, services and maintenance – versus a comparable deployment from Cisco.”

Helping drive lower costs, Polycom OTX 300 supports high-definition (HD) video using up to 50 percent less bandwidth than competing solutions through Polycom’s implementation of H.264 High Profile, a powerful new standards-based video compression technology. Available only from Polycom today, H.264 High Profile lowers the costs of network bandwidth required for telepresence, and can help organisations significantly expand their video deployment without having to invest in large-scale network upgrades.

“Polycom is helping to transform the way we operate, enabling our customers and employees to collaborate more effectively across distances and time zones,” said Simon Hunt, global product director of video communications at Regus Plc, the world’s largest provider of workplace solutions, operating over 1,000 business centres across 450 cities in 75 countries. “Polycom’s positive impact on our business, its customer-focused approach and relentless innovation through developments like the Polycom OTX and H.264 High Profile, are just a few reasons why Polycom remains an important business partner for our organisation. As customers demand more solutions-orientated answers, Polycom has been invaluable in supporting our evolving need to deliver a robust global business-to-business offering.”

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Telepresence Using Half the Bandwidth