World Cup fixtures on your mobile device, a mobile information service from Cole Solutions, is offering a new match alert service that will help mobile phone users to stay on top of the match fixtures for the Fifa World Cup 2010, which runs from 11 June to 11 July. Fans will be able to keep track of the latest fixtures wherever they are, so that they can switch on a radio, check a mobile news service or head for the nearest pub with a television. The service will make  it easy for football fans to stay on top of fixtures in a tournament  that boosts 64 matches. is a mobile content service that covers real-time major football events from around the world, including the English Premier League, French Premier League, Spanish Premier League and Italian Premier League. It will also offer full coverage of the Fifa 2010 World Cup event. “Football fever is growing in South Africa ahead of the World Cup, so it’s a perfect time to launch this service,” said Ayodale Cole, founder and CEO of Cole Solutions, an American mobile content and applications provider that has targeted SA for its services and products.

“We believe that this World Cup will see a massive explosion in the availability and adoption of mobile content and applications throughout Africa as consumers use every channel at their disposal to stay in touch with news about the tournament.”

With more than 40 million mobile subscribers in South Africa and only about five million Internet users, there will be a massive demand for mobile World Cup information and content, said Cole. There will also be a massive market among foreign tourists who arrived in South Africa with a mobile phone in hand. “We will make the World Cup as much of a success on the small phone screen as it will be on the television screen,” he added.

Operating under its brand, Cole Solutions has committed itself to responsible mobile practices in the South African market and recently became an affiliate member of the Wireless Application Service Provider Association of SA (WASPA).  WASPA  regulates the local mobile content and applications market and invests considerable resources to ensure the responsible marketing of mobile services.

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World Cup fixtures on your mobile device