Datacentrix brings convenient mobile financial services across Africa

Datacentrix, IT systems, software, hardware and consulting services provider, has announced its successful collaboration with Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, in the rollout of the IT infrastructure for mobile money transfer services. These services have recently been launched by mobile phone operators across several African countries, including Ghana, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda and most of the western African countries and enable African mobile phone users to use their cellular handsets as a wallet, allowing them to make secure transactions and payments quickly and easily.

Datacentrix assisted Gemalto with the supply and configuration of servers for five different projects across the continent.  “Gemalto first approached Datacentrix for assistance on the rollout in Ghana,” says Samantha Proctor-Parker, account manager at Datacentrix. “Our high level of expertise within the HP offering was one of the reasons that the company opted not only to partner with us in that instance, but for several additional projects since then.”

Gemalto was approached by African mobile operators to assist with the setup of the necessary IT architecture, from databases to servers and disaster recovery. It was essential to ensure the highest level of security in order to meet the constraints of each different banking regulator through the encryption and decryption of each transaction.

Pascal Oromi, Senior Vice President, Mobile Financial Services, Gemalto, maintains that the cost effectiveness of Datacentrix’ offering was another key factor in the partnership. “Not only were their references solid, but we were also impressed by Datacentrix’ approach and responsiveness. Once the first project was kicked off, Gemalto was again pleased with Datacentrix’ competent technical skills set and good support.”

Gemalto is currently rolling out the necessary infrastructure for the launch of the mobile money transfer service in most western African countries.

The advantages of Mobile Financial Services The advantages to the mobile phone users are clear.  Instead of having to visit a bank or travel to outlying areas to give money, users of the service need only charge the sum of money to be transferred onto their mobile wallet accounts, held by an agent.  The recipient is then notified by text message that the money can be collected from the mobile wallet agent closest to them.

For mobile operators, there has been a positive result of generating loyalty for the mobile operators who have adopted this model. Where previously, users tended to use the services of several different operators, they now stick to only one for both calls and transactions. In addition, the related increase in traffic on the mobile operators’ networks has equated to increased employment. Shops selling airtime are now extending their offers to include this service.

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Datacentrix brings convenient mobile financial services across Africa