Workgroup announces Wyse WSM 3.0

Local Wyse distributor, Workgroup, has announced the immediate availability of the Wyse WSM 3.0, which is Wyse’s provisioning software offering that delivers full PC functionality on a zero client while creating scalable, low-cost and easy to manage architectures for all organisation sizes.

“Unlike other solutions that only work in a limited local area network, WSM 3.0 is purpose-built for organisations, typically in K-12 education institutions or retail and banking industries, with a large number of remote small and medium sites, spread across multiple regions or even continents,” says Mercia Oosthuizen, product manager: Wyse at Workgroup.

Some of the new features that emphasise this functionality include:
•    Faster application streaming and pre-fetching
•    High availability for distributed sites
•    Full PC functionality, including Microsoft Windows 7
•    OS and application content distribution management
•    User setting and data preservation

WSM 3.0 uses distributed architecture scalability combined with the flexibility of being able to run the environment on Microsoft Server 2003, 2008 or XP Professional, or Wyse WSM Application Device.

“Users are also able to create and provision their virtual clients with VMware Virtual Center Integration,” says Oosthuizen.

“Further, perhaps most important for public sector and financial institutions, WSM centralises security and allows no local storage in order to keep the system safe.”

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Workgroup announces Wyse WSM 3.0