Vuvuzela ringtone number 1 free app globally

Vuvuzela gives developers something to shout about

Love it, hate it but one thing you can’t do is ignore it.

The Vuvuzela has become a talking point of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa with many people asking for it to be banned whilst other parties vehemently defending it.

A Dutch app developer called has captured the imagination of millions of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users across the world with its free application – Vuvuzela 2010.

Vuvuzela 2010 quickly climbed up the ranks, with the help of AdMob, to became the number one free application all over the world – across Europe, including the UK, Germany, France and as far afield as South Africa, Argentina, Japan and Australia as well as top 3 in the USA – earning its developers<> tens of thousands of dollars a week through advertising revenue.

As of today, the Vuvuzela 2010 app has been downloaded over 3.5 million times and according to the company has experienced impressive growth across the world.

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Vuvuzela ringtone number 1 free app globally