DionWired stocks DCC’s HP SimpleSave external drives

HP’s SimpleSave External Drive incorporating Western Digital (WD) hardware, is now available from DionWired stores across the country. This follows the recent deal whereby Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has extended its distribution of the range to include South Africa’s premier consumer electronics and appliances concept store, DionWired. The range is now available in all 11 Dion Wired stores in South Africa.

“An important differentiator of the SimpleSave range is its partnership with WD,” comments Linsay Narayanan, Western Digital product specialist at DCC:

“By incorporating WD’s hardware technology, HP is offering products that are already backed by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of external hard drives. The combination of some serious hardware and advanced HP software make these drives a truly viable storage option.”

Available in the 2.5 inch SimpleSave Portable and 3.5 inch SimpleSave Desktop options, these external drives look good enough to display but still incorporate some great storage capacity.  The SimpleSave Desktop is available in 320 and 500 Gigabyte (GB) capacities and the SimpleSave in 1 and 2 Terabyte capacities.

“DionWired have taken the HP SimpleSave hard drive and made this accessible to a wider consumer audience, providing us with traction for this product in the retail market,” comments Yugen Naidoo, Retail Manager at DCC. “Staying true to its name, the SimpleSave is really as simple as plugging the drive into a USB connection; once connected backup is automatic which is enabled by pre-installed backup software, making it the ideal companion for users that require lots of storage space.”

The software automatically finds and backs up the data on the PC or notebook, and after the first backup, automatically updates the backup with file changes whenever the computer is idle.

“This premium product is ideal for the type of customer DionWired aims to attract and is very much in line with our strategic alliance with the HP brand,” comments Devon Wheatley, Group Buyer for DionWired.

The SimpleSave hard drives are designed with heat-dissipating cases that stay cool and run quietly without a fan. The SimpleSave Portable is powered by the PC’s USB 2.0 port and does not require an external power supply. In addition, the 2.5-inch portable model is designed with a shock-resistant case to protect the drive from the bumps and jolts of everyday usage.

Additional SimpleSave features include:

.    Supports hundreds of the most common file types for photo, music and documents including, jpg, mpeg, bmp, gif, tif, mp3, aac, xls, ppt, doc, pdf,tax, etc; and

.    Support for large files; NTFS file system offers improved support for metadata and use of advanced data structures, improving performance, reliability and disk space.

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DionWired stocks DCC’s HP SimpleSave external drives