Vox Amvia, RightFax in tie-up with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

RightFax the world’s leading fax server solution, has taken over the faxing delivery for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 through its local distributor Vox Amvia.

“Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 delivers voicemail and email to the user together in one mailbox, but the missing piece is fax,” says Danie Gordon, Productivity Solutions Manager at Microsoft South Africa. “Our partnership with RightFax through Vox Amvia in South Africa enables us to deliver on the promise of unified messaging.”

“People live and work in Outlook,” says Darlene Moneran of Vox Amvia. “What RightFax offers end users is the ability to manage both inbound and outbound faxes seamlessly from within Outlook, along with their email and voice messages. Globally Microsoft has selected three partners to provide fax to their Exchange Server 2010 customers, of which RightFax has by far the strongest presence in South Africa.”

“Users won’t notice the difference,” adds Gordon. “RightFax can now provide all the management, tracking and archiving of both inbound and outbound faxes from within the Outlook environment. It also offers easy outbound faxing from other MS Office applications like Word and Excel.”

RightFax integrates easily into any customer environment, says Moneran. “This is tried and tested technology, with robust, rich functionality, so there are no surprises. It’s also more than just fax. Companies need to understand and control how business-critical information moves through the organisation, and a lot of that is still in fax format. Fax needs to work well with every other process in the business, and that’s what RightFax enables.”

Moneran adds that while the biggest benefits will be seen by companies with large fax volumes, smaller businesses are not excluded. “As well as dedicated servers for our enterprise clients, we also offer a hosted solution that gives smaller businesses access to the full, rich functionality of RightFax at an affordable price.”

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Vox Amvia, RightFax in tie-up with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010