Techies on Vespas deliver on service promises

Techies on Vespa’s deliver Nashua Mobile’s legendary service

Nashua Mobile has created a dynamic team of Vepsa-riding technicians to deliver on its promise of two-hour turnaround times on service requests from its Nashua Mobile VIP and Network Loyalty Programme customers.

These technicians help customers with support issues such as transferring data between computers or mobile devices; installing wireless data devices; and setting up new devices for mobile network and exchange connections.

Nashua Mobile realised that it would need to think creatively to deliver on a promise of providing service within two hours from the time the first phone call was received, given the amount of traffic in South Africa’s major cities.

The telecommunications service provider believed that the manoeuvrability of scooters would make them the ideal vehicles for its technicians. The company chose the trendy and youthful Vespa as its scooter of choice based on its excellent safety record and fit with the Nashua Mobile brand.

The technical consultants spent seven weeks in intense driving training with Vespa to prepare for South Africa’s busy roads. The service has been launched in Gauteng, with a 40km radius of Midrand, and Cape Town.

Says Doug Mattheus, marketing director at Nashua Mobile: “We’re always looking for unique ways to deliver legendary service to our loyal customers. This initiative is one way that we’re looking to exceed the expectations that our VIP and Loyalty Programme customers have about service from the telecommunications industry,”

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Techies on Vespas deliver on service promises