Identity-based WLAN security for small offices

Cyberoam’s CR15wi greatly reduces the cost in managing WLAN; identity-based security gives complete trace of guest user activity

Cyberoam, a division of Elitecore Technologies, has announced the launch of its wireless network security appliance — CR15wi, which comes with an in-built wireless access point featuring 802.11 n/b/g standards, MIMO technology and up to eight virtual access points. The appliance delivers the entire range of UTM security features over WLAN for protecting home offices, remote offices as well as public Internet access outlets.

Currently, corporate Wi-Fi environments are at huge risk from information theft and cyber-terrorism attacks due to their inability to trace end users, especially the guest users. CR15wi overcomes this by a unique Layer 8 technology, treating user-identity as the 8th Layer or the “human” layer in the protocol stack. This allows administrators to apply identity-based security policies to gain visibility over user activity in the network.

For secure authentication, CR15wi supports multiple virtual access points that create independent, segregated networks in the same physical area of the organization (sales, marketing, guest users etc.). This prevents rogue clients from connecting to networks where they don’t belong.

Says Mr. Abhilash Sonwane, VP-Product Management, Cyberoam, “Organizations are usually comfortable securing their wired networks, however, they can be oblivious to the threats posed by wireless networks. For instance, when providing Internet access to guest users, a common pre-shared key is used for authentication, a technique which lacks identity-based controls. On the other hand, Cyberoam’s Layer 8 technology gives complete trace of guest user activity.”

As a key business benefit, CR15wi also helps reduce the costs in managing WLAN environments. Adds Mr. Sonwane, “Currently, managing an organization’s Wi-Fi security infrastructure involves both Wi-Fi routers and firewalls. CR15wi has been designed to replace them.”

The usage of MIMO technology improves throughput and range values, thus, enabling faster handling of video streaming and high bandwidth downloads. Cyberoam’s Layer 8 Technology and Application Layer 7 Management over WLAN also allows user-specific bandwidth allocation for non-critical, semi-critical and critical business applications.

For more details, check the CR15wi appliance datasheet

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Identity-based WLAN security for small offices