Dimension Data named McAfee’s “Partner of the Year”

Dimension Data, the $4 billion IT solutions and services provider, announced today that it has been recognised as the “McAfee Partner of the Year 2009, Emerging Markets” at McAfee’s inaugural Partner Event in Turkey last month. This award recognises Dimension Data’s commitment to IT security as a key business enabler across the Middle East & Africa region.

With IT security shifting from an IT function to a strategic business objective, the systems integrator has been playing a vital role in assisting companies to fully leverage security technologies and better drive business performance.  Its synergies with the highly regarded McAfee brand have been rewarded with McAfee’s highest accolade in the emerging market space.

McAfee, one of Dimension Data’s six strategic global security partners, is the world’s largest dedicated security technology company and has been highlighted as an industry leader by Gartner in a number of key security segments.

One of McAfee’s differentiating factors is an integrated platform and conscious shift  towards  best-of-suite offerings that encourage a proactive and holistic attitude to IT risk management.  This has provided an excellent fit with Dimension Data’s own approach, which embraces assessment-led engagements with clients to best understand their current security posture, and leverage this as the basis for priorities and investments to achieve the best possible outcome.

In acknowledgment of the region’s growing significance and IT security related challenges, McAfee held an inaugural event dedicated solely to its partners in emerging markets countries in Turkey last month. Dimension Data was among more than 50 organisations hosted at the event and out-performed a number of worthy contenders from Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East to secure this year’s McAfee Emerging Markets Partner of the Year Award.

Although key client engagements and market share contributed towards the selection, it was Dimension Data’s commitment to IT security as a key business enabler and its synergies with McAfee’s vision that clinched the decision. “We believe the two organisations share a joint vision and a mutual trust, which has enabled us to work closely together in serving the security market more completely. We see this kind of collaboration as the way forward for our business and this award is in recognition both of what we have achieved to date and future potential,’” affirms Christopher Brennan, Vice President Emerging Markets, at McAfee.

‘We are extremely proud to be this year’s recipient as we feel that it is indicative of the efforts of our team, the focus we place on McAfee as a strategic partner and the impact we have had in the market, “ says Ian Roy, Senior General Manager: Security Solutions at Dimension Data Middle East & Africa. “The Emerging Markets Partner of the Year Award is McAfee’s highest accolade in our geography and market space, and is particularly relevant for us now, at a time when security is gaining greater importance among our clients.”

As the African continent opens up to an influx of investment opportunities and connectivity to the rest of the world, security has certainly become of particular interest in the African arena. While the business benefits should be embraced wholeheartedly, the accompanying security challenges they introduce need to be approached with caution. Concerns around malware, phishing and other threats as well as issues around critical data leakage have rightfully elevated security to a prominent position in the minds of emerging entrepreneurs and established enterprises alike.

“We have found that more and more companies are realising that no one else is going to take responsibility for keeping their business secure,” says Roy.”This has created a vital role for Dimension Data as a trusted advisor assisting companies needing to move from a fragmented approach to a best-of-suite solution that will offer them the high visibility and manageability that they need to protect their assets and achieve better business performance.”

Home-grown in South Africa and with extensive experience in African markets, Dimension Data offers companies unique expertise in this space, and this award from one of its key partners is excellent affirmation of the company’s capabilities. “This recognition from McAfee provides clients and prospects with reassurance that they really are getting the best available in the market,” says Roy.

“Our reciprocal global partnership with McAfee has provided us with access to a wealth of security knowledge and expertise and a product offering that has great appeal for our market space.  McAfee’s interlocked product model offers a great deal of coverage to our markets, and is particularly attractive to those enterprises seeking a more proactive   approach to their security and compliance needs.

Brennan believes that McAfee has also benefitted from this affiliation:  “Dimension Data is recognised as one of the premier business integrators in Africa with considerable local expertise and specialist insight into this market.  It has a significant footprint on the continent and has opened a number of doors for us” says Brennan.  “This award is testament to McAfee’s belief in Dimension Data, and the significant value both parties place on our relationship going forward.”

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Dimension Data named McAfee’s “Partner of the Year”