Epson eases bank queues

High-speed, passbook printer and scanner processes financial documents quickly and efficiently

Epson® launches an all-in-one device designed specifically to ease customer transactions in busy environments such as banks and post offices. The PLQ-22CS/CSM dot matrix passbook printer makes processing financial documents quick and easy, helping to reduce customer queues during busy periods.

Able to print and scan at high speeds, the 24-pin, 94-column dot matrix printer can help cut total print time and improve the speed of every transaction – something both staff and customers will appreciate. Not only does it boost productivity, the PLQ-22 also provides high-quality scanned images giving a better-than-magazine-quality resolution of 600dpi.

The PLQ-22CS/CSM includes a dual-side colour scanner that can help to electronically process customer information on account books, cheques and bills at high-speed. The ability to scan both sides of a document simultaneously further reduces customer waiting time. A dedicated ID card slot allows the PLQ-22 to accurately and quickly scan customers’ details, avoiding delays caused by ID skewing.

“Along with a host of time-saving features, the PLQ-22 makes downtime a thing of the past. It’s designed to meet Epson’s high standards when it comes to reliability and virtually eliminates stress-inducing queues during busy periods caused by fixing problems or carrying out essential maintenance,” says Kelvin Reynolds, general manager, Epson Southern Africa. “This long-lasting, all-in-one device, boasts an impressive ribbon yield of 10 million characters and also comes with a one-year warranty as standard to double the peace-of-mind for customers.”

The PLQ-22’s low total cost of ownership, reduced printing noise and power efficiency helps reduce bills and environmental impact. With optional extras such as the Magnetic Ink Character Reader or Magstripe Reader Writer Encoder (MICR/MSRW) head and the built-in 3-port USB hub, the PLQ-22 fits easily into all major business environments.

The PLQ-22 is now available across EMEA in 3 versions: with colour scanner only, with colour scanner and MICR/MSRW and with colour scanner and MICR/MSRW and USB hub.

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Epson eases bank queues