Mobile workforce on hand at the click of a button

Communicating with employees to enhance business is a specialised task, which becomes even more challenging when “talking” to a mobile workforce. To streamline mobile communication and increase the quality of data captured by field staff, mobility and fleet management solutions provider, ST Group has developed QuickFacts Online.

QuickFacts Online is an affordable and easy to use Web-based solution that gives small-business owners, with access to the Internet, the tools to communicate with their mobile workforce at the click of a button.

It is an easy-to-use communication tool, which allows for a broad spectrum of functionality and can be tailored to meet business’ needs. In short, QuickFacts Online contains industry focused questionnaires; job lists and work schedules that can be published to mobile devices via the Web-based publisher. It also allows mobile work forces to view data online, update records and generate invoices whilst out in the field.

“We developed QuickFacts Online to enhance the operations of plumbers, electricians, garden services, market research companies, real estate agencies and educational institutions,” says chief executive officer of ST Group, Alan Ellis.

Designed and hosted by the ST Group, Ellis says that QuickFacts Online overcomes IT infrastructure challenges because it is a hosted Web based browser. Hence, it offers real-time connection, which allows business owners to monitor, control and deploy their workforce effectively. “The result is: cost savings, reduced risks and heightened customer satisfaction levels,” says Ellis.

To drive new business leads, QuickFacts Online contains cost effective market research and reliable data capturing tools. That is, it gives users the ability to create industry-focused forms and surveys, which are published online and instantly distributed to the mobile devices of the workforce. This enables the mobile workforce to easily and accurately capture information and update data pertaining to their target market.

“QuickFacts Online’s seamless connection to a mobile workforce allows businesses to export this captured data to any software package, in order to analyse, customise and share knowledge, and so better understand respective target markets. It is cost-effective, fast and produces accurate results,” says Ellis.

While traditional market research methods can be expensive and time consuming, QuickFacts Online is distinctive because it is affordable and makes critical market information available in as little as one day, providing a business with a competitive advantage fast. Above all, because the data is clean, the end result mirrors the quality data that has been captured.

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Mobile workforce on hand at the click of a button