Safe, economical domestic electrical system

Global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric South Africa has announced the exclusive local availability of VitaWatt – a solution that is far more than an electrical distribution board: it is deemed the latest-generation electrical system.

VitaWatt is a protection solution for domestic electrical systems such as lighting circuits and power sockets. It contains, in a single product, a protection block incorporating an input circuit breaker, a residual current circuit breaker and output protection devices.

“The result is that electricians and end-users gain time as it is pre-wired; save money, because it is an all in one product; and are assured of their safety. Although the VitaWatt is manufactured in Brazil, it is compliant with South Africa’s safety specification (SANS 767-1). It is a truly innovative electrical system that is ready for rapid, simple and safe electrical installation by simply connecting the incoming and outgoing cable,” says Iqshaan Alladin, residential marketing manager for Schneider Electric South Africa.

Contractors and electricians can save an average of 30 minutes in installation time because of the internal pre-wiring between the circuit breakers and the residual current circuit breaker. The rapid installation with fewer connections thus ensures better efficiency.

An added benefit is the clear, objective information indicated on the product, resulting in the minimisation of effort during switchboard assembly. “The pre-wired, pre-tested system ensures good installation results and therefore provides greater safety for the user,” says Alladin.

In terms of end-user benefit, the foremost advantage is safety. According to Alladin, users are ensured of an installation that protects the whole family from electric shocks, short circuit fire hazards and overloads.

Shapes and colours also match the switches and power sockets with a discreet, modern finish for easy identification and simplicity.

“With VitaWatt, electrical engineering offices are ensured of a compliant electrical system in which the earth leakage protection device provides full supervision. It is a keenly priced solution for an integrated system, delivered pre-assembled, pre-tested and ready to install. VitaWatt, quite simply, guarantees peace of mind,” he says.

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Safe, economical domestic electrical system