Fax technology continues to grow

With the advent of email, many predicted the end of faxing. However with a massive increase in data fraud over the past decade, there has been renewed interest in traditional document transfer.

“Since 2007 we have seen up to a 400% increase in fax traffic from some of our financial services clients, while medical and retail customer’s usage has gone up by as much as 75%,” says MD of Vox Amvia, Craig Freer.

The emergence of various privacy acts aimed at protecting the consumer; including King III, Basel II, Consumer Protection Bill and the Protection of Personal Information Bill; have helped drive this change. “Being corporate compliant is no longer negotiable. It is business critical,” says Freer.

Email is not a secure technology. It can be intercepted, tampered with, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete and even contain viruses; whereas fax is conducted in real time and is inherently secure.

“By integrating your fax technology with a trusted fax server supplier, like RightFax, your business eliminates all of these potential threats, providing you with reliable, secure and most importantly corporate compliant document transfer,” says Freer.

“Although still viewed by many as an old technology, fax continues to evolve, and has progressed from the traditional standalone fax machine to the desktop.”

“The continued growth of fax has been further driven by the emergence of FoIP (fax over IP) which carries with it all the benefits of VoIP to the faxing environment, allowing your business to integrate your faxing along with voice and data on a single line,” adds Freer.

Vox Amvia currently services the majority of the top100 JSE listed companies. “We expect this trend to continue, as South African business realises the importance of faxing in their everyday operations.”

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Fax technology continues to grow