MTN Business launches WAN optimisation services

MTN Business customers in Namibia will now have access to the market-leading Wide Area Data Services solution from Riverbed, delivered as a fully-managed service.

MTN Business Namibia is the first and only company in Namibia to offer this advanced WAN Optimisation as a managed service. The fully-managed solution uses Riverbed’s pioneering technology to address a host of problems that debilitate enterprise applications operating across the WAN and, deliver LAN-like access to data and applications throughout the network.

MTN Business Namibia Country Manager Manfred Engling says that delivering this world-leading WAN Optimisation Service will allow more companies to optimise application performance across the wide area network (WAN) without the prohibitive cost of investing in a on premise WAN Optimisation solution. “Instead of investing in the technology, companies can lease the devices from MTN Business on a subscription basis as part of the overall service.”

The service available to MTN Business Namibia customers also includes a full network analysis, installation and around the clock monitoring of the solution by a team of skilled application analysts. MTN Business will also take-over the monitoring and management of WAN Optimisation for companies which have already invested in Riverbed technology. Riverbed’s best-of-breed technology encompasses application acceleration; WAN optimisation; wide area file services (WAFS); QoS and traffic shaping and, Web caching within a single, unified architecture.

Continues Engling; “This means that instead of addressing the single causes of poor application performance over the WAN individually, companies can tackle all of the issues that affect application performance over the WAN in one shot, improving the throughput of applications that organisations rely on everyday – including file sharing, email, backup, SSL, document management systems, and IT tools, as well as ERP and CRM solutions.”

The service also ensures reduced and improved WAN bandwidth utilisation; enables IT consolidation; optimises disaster recovery and allows for real-time collaboration between mobile and distributed users wherever they might be.

Many companies grapple with poor or slow application performance and insufficient or congested bandwidth to their remote users and distributed offices. Not only does it cost companies money when bandwidth is wasted but work processes, business decisions and productivity can be severely hampered when applications are slow and there’s congestion on the lines.

“Using MTN Managed WAN Optimisation Service, companies can improve application performance across the network by 5 to 50 times while reducing bandwidth utilisation by between 65% and 95%. We believe that our offering is particularly attractive because there is no capital outlay for the client and there is no need for them to employ permanent engineers to monitor and maintain the solution,” concludes Engling.

Other managed IT security services delivered by MTN Business to its customers in Namibia include Managed Firewalls, Internet Managed Scanning Services, which offers comprehensive anti-spam and anti-virus protection, as well as content management service option.

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MTN Business launches WAN optimisation services