Cyberoam brings future-ready UTM protection within reach

The New CR500ia and CR750ia Cyberoam UTM appliances offer a better fit of price and security to this segment

Cyberoam, a division of Elitecore Technologies, has announced the launch of its future-ready CR500ia and CR750ia UTM appliances to cater to the high performance security needs of mid-enterprise customers. With this, Cyberoam has filled the gap in its solutions offering for SMBs and large enterprises, bringing feature-rich UTM appliances that deliver high ROI with breakthrough speed and throughput values.

Such a high performance to price ratio is realized through Cyberoam’s enhanced multi-core aware architecture that ensures parallel processing of multiple network sessions. This enables the appliance to maintain a predictable degree of performance while dealing with unknown future threats, thereby providing higher levels of security.

Says Mr. Abhilash Sonwane, VP-Product Management, Cyberoam, “As enterprises increasingly adopt newer technologies such as Cloud Computing, virtualization, Web 2.0, mobility and social media, they are bracing up for latest application-layer threats and sophisticated malware attacks. Consequently, their throughput and security feature requirements often fall short of expectations. Cyberoam’s next-generation UTM appliances have been designed for these enterprises so that they may adopt latest IT technologies without compromising on either performance or security.”

Cyberoam’s enterprise-class security features include an Extensible Security Architecture (ESA), Application Layer 7 Management, 3G/WiMAX support, security for HTTPS/SSL traffic, Instant Messaging Archiving & Control, Next-Gen UI, and “IPv6 Ready” Gold Logo certification. In addition, integrated Active-Active High Availability feature provides efficient, continuous access to business-critical applications, minimizing single point of failure.

Cyberoam’s UTM solutions offer a complete package of Security, Connectivity and Productivity (S-C-P) for enterprises which yields best-of-the-breed solutions over a single interface, resulting in a complete dependable shield. On top of it, the unique Layer 8 technology treats the user as the 8th layer in the network stack, penetrating through all Cyberoam security modules to ensure complete visibility and control over user activity in the network. It also adds speed to the enterprise security set-up.

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Cyberoam brings future-ready UTM protection within reach