Free Media Controller for Apple iPhone and iPod touch

The app iTMC streams music, videos and photos to devices connected to the home network

Today Toshiba unveiled a version of its Toshiba Media Controller (TMC) for the Apple® iPhone® and the Apple® iPod touch®. The iTMC app facilitates streaming and playback of multimedia content such as videos, photos and music between DLNA-capable devices within a home Wi-Fi network. iTMC is now available in English at the Apple® App StoreSM for free download.

iTMC browses media libraries from remote

The iTMC app automatically identifies and displays all devices in the home network which are in line with DLNA® specifications. iTMC sorts all identified devices by their role – media server and media renderer. With iTMC, users can browse media libraries stored on media servers connected to the wireless local network, select files and stream them by a tap to a media renderer that serves as an output device.

iTMC controls multimedia streams

Like most remote controls, the iTMC allows output control on media renderers with dedicated control buttons (e.g. play, stop, pause, fast forward, rewind). Even volume can be controlled remotely. iTMC only displays those control buttons which are appropriate for the selected file type.

Plus, with iTMC users can compile and store playlists and transfer them to other devices. The app is able to provide an overview of the status of all DLNA® capable devices connected to the home network. A preview pane shows the content currently displayed on the selected device.

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Free Media Controller for Apple iPhone and iPod touch