Adaptec MaxIQ Storage Controllers offer data centres 8x faster performance

Expanded Adaptec MaxIQ SSD caching product line offers increased performance, broad SSD support and new management tools for I/O analytics

Official distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) is now delivering Adaptec’s new expanded range of Adaptec MaxIQ SSD caching products; with three new MaxIQ storage controllers, a new MaxIQ 64GB cache performance kit, wider support for solid-state drives (SSDs) and enhanced management and analytics tools. Adaptec’s MaxIQ SSD caching products can deliver up to eight times the I/O performance of hard disk drive-only arrays, and reduce capital and operating expenses up to 70 percent by allowing IT managers to build High-Performance Hybrid Arrays (HPHAs) – data storage arrays consisting of both hard disk drives (HDDs) and SSDs.

“Our goal is to provide our resellers and their customers with performance enhancing products that provide more flexibility and create greater operational efficiencies. Adaptec’s MaxIQ solutions meet all of these goals,” said Rajen Naicker, Adaptec Product Specialist at DCC. “As SSDs continue to prove their value in a wide range of enterprise, data centre and other high-performance computing environments, the need for effective solutions that allow IT managers to take advantage of SSD performance benefits at the lowest possible cost is paramount.”

The Adaptec MaxIQ storage controller family is built on Adaptec’s advanced data protection and high-performance architecture, and includes Adaptec Intelligent Power Management (IPM) for energy-efficiency, as well as support for all mainstream SSDs including drives delivering IT managers with increased flexibility when designing storage systems.

The Adaptec Q-Series Storage Controller Family includes:
.    Adaptec MaxIQ 2405Q (4 internal ports)
.    Adaptec MaxIQ 5805Q (8 internal ports)
.    Adaptec MaxIQ 5805ZQ (8 internal ports with Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection for battery-free data protection)

All MaxIQ storage controllers feature 1.2 GHz of processing power, 512MB of DDR2 write cache, MaxIQ Hybrid SSD read caching with support for multiple MLC and SLC SSD devices, and direct I/O connectivity for SATA/SAS SSDs, hard drives, and tape devices. Using SAS expanders, these controllers support up to 256 devices; they also support a broad range of operating systems and are compatible with more than 300 third-party devices. These controllers are also supported by Adaptec Storage Manager for centralised management of all Adaptec RAID controllers on the network.

As a complement to the new MaxIQ Storage Controllers and the existing MaxIQ 32GB Cache Performance Kit, the new MaxIQ 64GB Cache Performance Kit can be paired with any Adaptec Series 5Z, Series 5 or Series 2 Storage Controller and includes a 64GB Intel X-25E Extreme Solid-State drive.

SSD caching end-user tools are also available to intelligently analyze I/O data flows and predict performance. Plus I/O instrumentation allows for easy configuration, monitoring and management, making it easy for data centre and cloud computing customers to integrate HPHAs without disrupting existing operations.

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Adaptec MaxIQ Storage Controllers offer data centres 8x faster performance