Huawei Symantec S2600 RAID System Cost-effective Storage Solution

Official distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) is now delivering Huawei Symantec’s S2600 range of storage products, the third-generation of products for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The products include an evolutionary architectural design that features ease of management, energy-saving options and combines economical storage solutions with data protection.

“The S2600, with a competitive entry-level price-tag, provides many of the functions normally found only in mid-range enterprise storage products, greatly improving cost-effectiveness and ROI,” comments Raul Del Fabbro, Solutions Division Manager at DCC. “The optional remote copy function provides higher-level disaster recovery services and power-failure protection ensuring that data is written automatically to disk when the power fails.  The disk pre-copy function prevents failure of two disks at the same time.”

The Integrated Storage Manager (ISM) software provides a configuration wizard with which users can complete all configurations and ensures hassle-free implementation within minutes of unpacking the hardware.

The S2600 supports alarms in the form of sms messages, emails, audible and visible alarms. . Redundant RAID controllers, power supplies and hard disk modules are all hot-swappable.

While supporting RAID 6 functionality, the system also supports optional enhanced software functions such as Snapshot, Local copy and Data Replication, providing overall data security protection.  The S2600 Snapshot feature can be combined with backup software, giving rapid and efficient data backup.

An energy-saving design includes intelligent regulation of cooling fan speed and low power consumption.

The S2600 supports automatic check and repair of bad tracks.  It supports background initialisation of RAID and online expansion and supports up to 96 disks and 256 hosts.  System reliability is claimed to be 99,999%.

Industry-leading disk dormancy and disk spin-down technologies reduce over 40% of power consumption in backup and archiving applications.

The S2600 adopts low power-consuming and lead-free components. Models are also available with optional DC power supply.

The S2600 provides up to eight FC or iSCSI host ports. This means that users do not need to use a switch when there are less than eight host servers on the network. The S2600 is also available with SAS host ports for simple and quick direct attached storage (DAS) implementations.

“A unique feature of the S2600 ‘combo’ model is the ability to support both FC and iSCSI host ports simultaneously,” comments Rajen Naicker, Huawei Symantec product specialist at DCC. “This provides seamless integration into existing FC SANs, at the same time providing storage access to network-attached host servers.”

The S2600 supports both SAS and SATA disks, so users are able to configure the best solution for their particular application, allowing users to maximise on their investment. The S2600 is neatly packaged into a 2U rack enclosure, thus helping to save on cabinet space in the data center. Should the need arise, the S2600 capacity can be seamlessly expanded by the addition of up to seven expansion enclosures, which allow the system to support up to 96 SAS and/or SATA disk drives.

Highlights of the S2600:
.    Multiple host ports (FC / iSCSI / SAS / FC-iSCSI Combo)
.    Disk spin-down function
.    Seamlessly combining FC SAN with IP SAN
The S2600 supports both FC and iSCSI host ports.
.    Mid-range enterprise product functionality at entry-level pricing

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Huawei Symantec S2600 RAID System Cost-effective Storage Solution