Huge Telecom reports R1 Billion in client savings

The recent tumultuous times have seen businesses seek ways and means of cutting costs and saving money; Huge Telecom has helped its clients achieve significant savings, allowing them to conserve a  great deal of money.

Since the Huge Group’s listing on the AltX in August 2007, Huge Telecom has succeeded in saving its clients a total of over R1 Billion.

Significant savings in competitive times

Despite fierce competition within the telecommunications industry, Huge has continued offering savings from the use of quality products. As a skilled managed telecommunications provider, the focus has been on providing the very best call rates at the highest quality. This has helped clients save money during the economic downturn, without having to risk low quality communication.

Continued savings, extended solutions

Huge Telecom Business Support MD: Rajen Pillay is optimistic about future client savings. “As the market matures, and regulatory and competitive forces take shape, clients can look forward to Huge Telecom offering further savings and even greater value for money.”

Huge Telecom Business Partners MD: Greg Wright says: “We have also recently expanded our solutions into the converged communications space and are offering clients a range of efficient, affordable data and voice solutions.”

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Huge Telecom reports R1 Billion in client savings