Ericsson opens world of knowledge to all

Get certified on the latest technology

Ericsson has launched a new Internet portal known as the Ericsson Academy, where users can access learning services, online courses, lectures, tutorials and learn more about cutting-edge technology such as HD Voice, 4G etc through interactive webinars and specially developed tutorials created by Ericsson experts at no charge.

In a world of rapidly evolving technologies the Ericsson Academy allows the world to tap into one of the richest sources of technology and business expertise. It is a new entry point to Ericsson’s expertise and knowledge about managing competence in rapid technology shifts, competence-related support and learning opportunities.

Originally launched to employees, the Academy which features content developed by Ericsson along side online lectures from renowned professors of Harvard Business School has now opened its doors to the world. By making available its expertise and learning opportunities, Ericsson aims to inspire people and organisations throughout the industry to collaborate, exchange ideas and stimulate innovative thinking and behaviours.

Ericsson’s training portfolio comprises more than 1000 courses covering different technology systems and service areas. For easy navigation, courses are grouped into predefined training packages within a certain area and participants receive a printable course certificate upon successful completion.

With an extensive portfolio of online and instructor-led training packages made available through the Academy and Education Centers around the world, Ericsson Academy guarantees strong, flexible, end-to-end educational and people performance offering through a combination of learning, consulting services and broad spectrums of learning products and delivery methods.

“This new approach to learning, leveraging on the use of technology to bring development initiatives closer to users across Africa, is received with much enthusiasm and will greatly aid Ericsson’s drive towards improving competence development on the continent,” says Tade Oyinlola, Head of Ericsson Academy for Region Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Ericsson opens world of knowledge to all