Overland’s SnapServer N2000 is now available

SnapServer N2000 is ideal for businesses with increasingly complex storage environments and mission critical data requirements

The Overland SnapServer N2000, a unified block and file storage solution scalable up to 144 Terabytes in a compact 2U form factor is now available from official distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). Fully integrated with Microsoft Windows and designed for virtualised server environments running VMware, Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer, the SnapServer N2000 provides a comprehensive feature set that includes replication, snapshot capability for both file and iSCSI volumes, the ability to manage multiple SnapServer devices from a single console and support for both high performance SAS and SATA drives in a single device.  The SnapServer N2000 is ideal for businesses with mission critical data requirements that also demand high performance, reliability and flexibility within the same storage solution.

“The rate of virtualisation adoption by medium-sized businesses continues to increase. These businesses need to deploy storage solutions that will work within their increasingly complex environments but without the higher price tag associated with enterprise systems,” comments Rajen Naicker, Overland product specialist at DCC. “The SnapServer N2000 delivers the right mix of NAS and iSCSI, price and performance ideal for midrange businesses that are virtualising their data infrastructure.”

Reliable, Simple and Unified Storage

The SnapServer N2000 is among the simplest NAS solutions to deploy and manage. Built on the award-winning GuardianOS, it features intuitive wizards to guide users through installation and creation of storage volumes and a web-based management console for system administration. In addition, Overland’s SnapServer Manager enables IT staff to manage all SnapServer NAS and SAN devices from a single interface.

The SnapServer N2000 provides a unified storage architecture that enables companies to simultaneously store and access both block and file data across Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Mac OS platforms as well as virtual servers, databases, email, and backup applications.  In addition, the ability to mix SAS drives and SATA drives within the same system enables users to customize the performance and capacity of every volume created.

Features and Benefits

.    Effortless Storage Management – With the integrated SnapServer Manager, storage administrators can easily monitor and manage all SnapServer NAS and SAN systems remotely or locally from a single, browser-based interface.
.    Instant Capacity Expansion – Overland’s Instant Capacity Expansion (I.C.E.) feature provides companies with the ability to easily scale volumecapacities instantaneously – without downtime or degraded performance.
.    Flexible Disaster Recovery – The SnapServer N2000 provides a comprehensive set of data protection features including the optional Snap Enterprise Data     Replicator (Snap EDR) software for continuous, secure and efficient replication of data between sites for disaster recovery.  In addition, IT managers can take snapshots of both NAS volumes and iSCSI LUNs for point-in-time recovery as well as backup to disk, VTL, or tape devices.
.    Complete Windows and UNIX Integration – Featuring complete integration with Microsoft Active Directory Services (ADS) and UNIX Network Information Service (NIS), the SnapServer N2000 maintains true native Windows and UNIX permissions and supports the full set of 30 distinct Windows permission attributes.
.    Redundancy for Reliability – Companies can ensure maximum data availability with hot-swap drives, redundant power supplies, and variable hot-swap fans.
.    Scalability to 144TB – The SnapServer N2000 is a 2U, 12-drive system that can seamlessly be expanded up to 144TB utilizing SnapServer E2000 expansion units.

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Overland’s SnapServer N2000 is now available